About Me

Madrid 1983. Old Millennial

I graduated in Audiovisual Communication in 2006 and had regular dayjobs untiI a magazine director discovered my amateur photos by chance. Since 2011 I’ve been doing mostly portraits. My work has been published regularly in a number of Spanish magazines incluiding El País Semanal, Jot Down Magazine, YoDona, El Español, GQ Spain (web) or Magazine Fashion and Arts, and international magazines as GQ Italiy, Life&Style LA or Sportweek.


El Mundo
Especial #ElMundoenfemenino

Revista Circe
Lupe de la Vallina o la mirada del otro

Conversaciones con
“Una imagen puede quitar espacio a la imaginación o sugerirte todo un universo”

Stage by Sony
10 preguntas a Lupe de la Vallina

Reimagina el trabajo
“Soy fotógrafa por Twitter”

Nada Importa

Revista Chispa
“Mi objetivo es que las personas se olviden de sí mismas”

I make portraits to dig in the mistery we are all made of.
It’s scary, it’s wonderful, it never ends.

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